An inspection made according to our experience will allow you to check the condition and the necessary immediate and long-term repairs

We will mainly inspect the following items:

  • Exterior coatings

  • Common areas

  • The foundation

  • Plumbing

  • Ventilation and heating

  • The roof

  • The structures

  • The humidity of the components

  • Electrical systems

  • The presence of security systems

We will determine with the managers what concerns the syndicate and owners fees:
We will establish a provident fund and establish a maintenance book for the next 30 years (even if it must be revised every 5 years). Because some components last more than 5 years and we consider it important to consider their possible replacement cost (exemple: the roof and foundation drainaige).


Inspection préachat Montréal

A pre-purchase inspection is essential to peacefully conclude the purchase of your property. It allows you to buy your new home knowing its true condition.

A preventive inspection is essential to serenely conclude the sale or maintenance or to establish the contingency fund of your home, condo, multi-dwelling or business.

inspection de condo montreal condo inspection montreal

We also check the exterior envelope, the roof, the foundations, the plumbing, the electricity, the heaters, the doors, the windows and the interior of the building of your condo.

Inspection maison

The presence of mold in the house or building, can turn into structural damage if it is not treated at the right time by a home inspection, or a building inspection.

Al inspection Building Inspector